Sr Mary in Mukuru

Sr Mary in Mukuru

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

"Sr Mary of Nairobi" on ORF2 Austrian TV

ORF2 TV in Austria broadcast an hour-long program titled "Sr Mary von Nairobi"  on 21 Feb 2017, described at

It gives quite a comprehensive account of her life, family, and work. (Use your browser to  translate from the German).

Historic correction: on their visit to Dublin, Mary brought the TV crew to our parents' grave in Glasnevin Cemetery, just fifty metres from Michael Collins, - and in the middle of the 1916 commemorations. It was natural for the team to look for a connection between our Dad (exactly 19 years old when the War of Independence broke out) and Collins, and, in consequence, inferred a more vigorous role in the rebellion than facts actually warrant.

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